Finding Motivation Part Three

Finding Motivation Part Three

Are you still looking to find some motivation? Well, don’t look behind you or in the past. It’s not there. It’s up ahead. Look ahead!

That brings me to point number three in this motivation series: direction!

Keep going in the right direction

Keep your goal interesting — there’s a risk of becoming bored, so keep your goal alive by growing and changing with it. Add in new elements, switch things around a little, find ways to stimulate your senses and the ‘pleasure centre’ of your brain while continuing to put in the hard work and effort. Stick some motivational pictures and sayings up where you can see them everyday, or write yourself little congratulatory notes and leave them in odd or unexpected places. Remind yourself that you ARE doing this and you ARE making progress.

Review and refine your plan and the steps in it. If things aren’t working or not working as quickly as you thought, or not fitting into your current lifestyle and commitments, switch it around, tweak things, or go and do a bit more research and information gathering to see what others are doing. Get some fresh ideas and build your enthusiasm and motivation to try something new. Refocus on just one step for a while to build that sense of self-efficacy.

Surround yourself with people who support you and believe in you, and/or those that are trying to climb the same mountains as you. Share your journey and feel the weight lift a little. Challenge yourself in a more public way; i.e. tell others what you are doing. That can help you to feel more accountable and more inclined to stick with your plan on the difficult days. And accept that you will inevitably have difficult days and setbacks. These are normal, good and to be expected.

There is a Japanese proverb that says “Fall down seven times, stand back up eight” or a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fall”. Have a little moan and groan to yourself when you hit an obstacle if you want, then shake it off and keep in mind that the setback today does not control tomorrow.

One of the best things to do to keep yourself motivated is to record your progress in a tangible way. Keep a daily list or log of steps you took, record your effort (give it a rating out of 10) and how that effort made you feel. Take daily photos of you participating in and working toward your goal. Keep a journal, or dedicate a notes page in your phone to jotting down your progress. Take the time to regularly look back and notice the effort you have actually put in and the progress you have made.

I hope this series has helped you to find your focus and your own motivation!

Love and light,



Finding Motivation Part Two

In part two, we will look at the second tool you need to create motivation:


Be that “glass half-full” sort of person, not the glass half-empty mindset. Look for the good things in every day, the good things around you, and both the good things and the difficult things you have done. Keep a list of all these things you have achieved and look back at it as you add to it every day! Here is the evidence that you CAN. It’s a list that you can refer to whenever you have doubts, if you lack confidence or feel you can’t.

Reading and researching can also help you to build confidence, as can sourcing help and support from those around you. Surround yourself with positive vibes and people who encourage your enthusiasm and confidence. Note: Don’t expect these people to provide you with your motivation, but it is more than okay to deliberately surround yourself with other positive and uplifting individuals. Remember, moods are often contagious! If you spend time around other positive people, you can then be that same external source of positivity and happiness to others, and then the chain goes on! Sometimes the doubters can help push your will to succeed, and your determination to prove them wrong. Keep in mind that you can choose who you want to be around and whose opinion you value.
Again, remember to start small, and keep each step toward your goal simple and achievable. This can help to boost your enthusiasm and increase the positive feedback you will be creating for yourself. A good flexible strategy is choosing an emergency step on difficult days (e.g. days you are ill) which actually factors in a day of rest or relaxation. This allows you to rejuvenate and heal and can help to re-energise you for the effort ahead. You can then feel good about looking after yourself and being well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

Each day, visualise exactly what it will feel like when you achieve your goal. Think about what you will be able to feel and sense, smell, see, taste and hear. It’s almost like imagining how a dream would end, if you were dreaming about where you achieve your goal.

Love and light,



Finding Motivation Part One

I often get asked by readers to help them find some motivation. Now, that is a difficult request to respond to simply because “motivation” doesn’t tangibly exist as a product. It can’t be bought or taken from others, nor can it be shared with or gifted to us by others. Ultimately we can’t easily motivate anyone else, nor can we expect others to provide motivation for us. Motivation isn’t external to us, everything we need to motivate ourselves as an individual lies within only us.

Motivation has quite a few elements and the instructions for balancing these elements in the right quantities is different every time for every individual. The building blocks of motivation are often fear or intense desire and the biggest struggle to find and build motivation therefore goes on in our own mind. While sometimes we can be our own worst saboteurs, we can also be our own experts and greatest supporters.

The three tools we need to build this creation called “motivation” are:

  1. Focus
  2. Confidence
  3. Direction.

To start with we will look at number one:


If we are constantly thinking in terms of fear as a motivator, we need to turn that around, at least sometimes, and reframe that negative into a positive. We can get so stuck on being fearful and on NOT wanting things. That is not such a problem in itself, because there is no action or activity associated with NOT wanting. It’s just that fear and NOT wanting keeps us from ever doing anything or achieving anything.

Fear keeps us unmotivated – because a goal to NOT do something can never be acted upon.

Fear zaps our energy and is so emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting.

Change the fear you feel and turn it into something you desire, such as a positive (for example, “I don’t want to fail my exams” can be reframed as “I want to pass my exams”). And then the planning can begin, where you identify and plan the little concrete steps needed to make your goal a reality. The goal is what you WANT to achieve and the steps are what you have to DO to get there.

Just focus on one goal and on just one or a few small steps at a time. There is nothing more disheartening and overwhelming than a list that seems never-ending. Maybe divide the steps into little groups and approach one group at a time, letting you feel a sense of achievement more often as you can tick off a step or a group of steps often and regularly.

Make sure you include some steps or activities that are fun and that you can look forward to. The more enjoyable it is, the more you will do it and go out of your way to make sure you do it. And the more you do it, the better you will get at it, and the sooner you can reach your goals. (This is starting to sound like motivation now, isn’t it?). Make sure you are flexible enough to change and moderate the steps as you go if you find a more enjoyable or effective alternative.

Reading and researching other people’s journeys or stories may help you to improve your focus and ultimately, your motivation. It starts you thinking and believing that logically, YOU CAN DO THIS TOO! Or it might bring out the competitor in you and you become more determined to take on the challenge. Reward yourself too remember — not just for achieving the goal but also at checkpoints along the way, for your effort and commitment.

Love and light,




“So thick that everyone else in the room is so uncomfortable” – Drake

I just listened to the Crossfit Podcast with Brooke Ence and was inspired. Women’s body images and women body shaming other women as if they were in a competition has always been something that I was really curious about. Why do some women, intelligent, smart and beautiful women feel the need to insult or even make other women feel uncomfortable?

I’ve always been pretty open in my instagram posts, yes there is nudity involved and most people would assume that the most message requests I get are from men asking me out or sending d*** pics. NOPE. Up to 90% of the messages I get are from women, luckily a big part of them are positive and encouraging, BUT there are women who insulted me, made me question MY DECISION and I don’t think that’s okay.

First things first, I don’t post anything to make other women feel bad or to body shame another body. I think our society’s concept of a “dream body” is ridiculous.  I just think that women, no matter if they are strong, skinny, have curves, have big buts, have long legs, have short legs, have brown eyes, have blonde hair, wear mini skirts, wear pjs whatever the list is endless…are beautiful.

And I don’t think there is a right or wrong. I cringe every time I hear a quote like “Strong is the new skinny” or “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. OMG. I’m so over this shit.


It’s not just strangers on the internet, I’ve had friends telling me “you’re gonna regret posting this in 5 years” “omg how can you show your butt?” “This just isn’t right” you know what ? FUCK YOUR OPINION ON THE STUFF THAT I POST. If you don’t like it don’t follow me. If I’m curious about your opinion I assure you I’ll ask you, but don’t try to convince me that YOUR WAY is the right way and there’s no it between.

In my opinion, women should encourage other women. Another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own. I’m just so over fighting battles that are not worth fighting. And I think it’s concerning a lot of girls.

Especially since I started doing Crossfit and everyone is warning me to not get big, to not look bulky, to not look like a man, to not whatever can’t recall it. Why do you think you have the right to tell someone they should not look a certain way? This is so personal and I get really emotional thinking about this topic. Everyone is responsible for their own body, what they want to achieve weather it’s about performance, health, losing weight, gaining weight, building muscles, recovering, just getting better or even looking skinny. I don’t want to hear any of those comments again. Why do you even bother?





I am not ALWAYS positive. It is only human for us to feel an array of emotions, including negative feelings. It’s normal – healthy. Denying ourselves the ability to freely feel that creates the potential for more drama later; the explosive bottle theory. Remind yourself every now and then that crying is okay. Feeling bad, angry, mad and sad are all natural emotions, and it does not make you a negative person to feel these. Nor does it make you weak. In fact, understanding and accepting these feelings shows you are alive, strong.

Knowing this, I consciously make the effort to:
1. Allow myself to feel these emotions, but not dwell on them. I like the saying ‘accept the things you cannot change and change the things you cannot accept’.

2. Understand the difference between ‘feeling’ negative and ‘being’ negative. Do not define yourself by your emotions.

3. Always remember that you are in control of your own attitude. No, you do not have control over your hormonal and chemical levels, but your attitude is steered solely by you. So choose to have a positive attitude, your mind is SUCH a powerful tool, incomprehensibly and intricately divine — use it wisely. There are so many benefits not only to you but also to those around you!

4. Take note of how your own attitude and mood can affect those around you; peers, friends, family etc. Your mindset can influence their mindset also – you subconsciously have the power to brighten other people’s days. Now you know this, what are you going to do differently?

5. I try my best to remain contained when I am feeling upset, hurt and miserable. I have a solid support network, which I believe is invaluable for everyone! Have a person or people who you can trust wholeheartedly and rely on for support even in the darkest of times. Mine is my mum. My mum is the strongest woman I know and I know, without a doubt, I can trust her with anything and am always sure of a hug even if she can’t offer any support. And sometimes a hug is all that is needed.

6. I aim to refrain from sharing my negative mood and vibes with others, as I know it influences their own feelings.

7. Feel happy again. Rain doesn’t last forever, and neither does feeling bad, mad or sad. Allow yourself to feel those feelings, but then indulge in feeling happy again. Trust that the good is also okay!

8. I always try to keep a mental note of all the good things too – rather than counting the burdens and problems I face, I hurdle them and aim at focusing on the things I am blessed with … even the small things! I used to try to make a list every single day of the good things, anything from fresh sheets, to a warm home-cooked meal to the feeling of rain on my nose or helping a total stranger. Anything and everything that I found the slightest bit of joy in, I made a mental note of. I should probably do that more often – I found so many extra little things in each day, things often seen as insignificant, that had the ability to make me smile. I am thankful for many things, and it is important to remind ourselves of those too!

Love and light,

Dream and Believe

Dream and Believe

Dream, Believe, Create, Achieve

I often get asked whether I believe we should rebel, or go against society, our parents and our friends, to follow our dreams. Should we do this rather than ‘living the (boring) life that is expected of us’. Being asked this brings up a few things for me;

We should dream!

Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

These words by Gloria Steinem tug at something embedded deep within me that is connected to my soul. When I first heard this quote it instantly resonated with me, and I was inspired while  simultaneously being disappointed that I had never been able to summarise the concept so simply myself.

I am a dreamer. A planner. And every so often I am a do-er; and I am able to execute my plans, dreams and ambitions. I get to feel a sense of achievement by actually finishing something I have started.

I’m guilty of dreaming (like a lot of people) about escaping to somewhere beautiful;

  • Being surrounded by unfamiliar smells,
  • Sharing a place and time with unfamiliar people,
  • Tasting foreign foods,
  • Sighting intriguing animals and
  • Wandering around interesting sites I have never seen or even knew existed.
  • Where no one knows my name, and
  • There is no such concept as deadlines.

I could almost say I have the ‘dream’ job, but I am a realist. There are always going to be deadlines! But I can plan for a vacation – now, that would tick all of the above boxes!

There’s no such thing as a ‘boring dream’

Just because we dream about doing something familiar, something that has been done by generations before us, something that society approves of – it doesn’t make it boring, mundane, or unimportant.


Start 2018 with a dream and a goal.


Love and light,





Lather it on peanut butter toast, add it to jam drop cookies, stir it through greek yoghurt or just spoon it on your porridge. This chia seed jam is the perfect healthy indulgence and is 1000 times easier than making regular jam – all you need is TWO ingredients!


250g frozen raspberries

1 tbsp chia seeds


  1. Defrost raspberries in a microwave safe dish or in a pot over the stove.
  2. Once defrosted use a fork to mash them into a thick sauce consistency.
  3. Stir through chia seeds. Pour into a jar and allow to cool and set.
  4. Store in the fridge for up to 5 days.

If you have any other ways of using this chia jam I would love to see how you incorporate it into you meals or snacks so don’t forget to tag me on instagram  to show me your creations!!

Love and light,

Caroline x