Finding Motivation Part Two

In part two, we will look at the second tool you need to create motivation:


Be that “glass half-full” sort of person, not the glass half-empty mindset. Look for the good things in every day, the good things around you, and both the good things and the difficult things you have done. Keep a list of all these things you have achieved and look back at it as you add to it every day! Here is the evidence that you CAN. It’s a list that you can refer to whenever you have doubts, if you lack confidence or feel you can’t.

Reading and researching can also help you to build confidence, as can sourcing help and support from those around you. Surround yourself with positive vibes and people who encourage your enthusiasm and confidence. Note: Don’t expect these people to provide you with your motivation, but it is more than okay to deliberately surround yourself with other positive and uplifting individuals. Remember, moods are often contagious! If you spend time around other positive people, you can then be that same external source of positivity and happiness to others, and then the chain goes on! Sometimes the doubters can help push your will to succeed, and your determination to prove them wrong. Keep in mind that you can choose who you want to be around and whose opinion you value.
Again, remember to start small, and keep each step toward your goal simple and achievable. This can help to boost your enthusiasm and increase the positive feedback you will be creating for yourself. A good flexible strategy is choosing an emergency step on difficult days (e.g. days you are ill) which actually factors in a day of rest or relaxation. This allows you to rejuvenate and heal and can help to re-energise you for the effort ahead. You can then feel good about looking after yourself and being well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

Each day, visualise exactly what it will feel like when you achieve your goal. Think about what you will be able to feel and sense, smell, see, taste and hear. It’s almost like imagining how a dream would end, if you were dreaming about where you achieve your goal.

Love and light,



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