Most people who lose weight regain some or all (if not more) of it back. Why does this happen? Why doesn’t the weight stay off for good?

Don’t Go For The Quick Fix

Most people who diet go for the quick fix, rather than thinking of it as a long-term thing. Eventually you’ll go back to your old ways and will re-gain weight, go on a drastic weight loss diet and lose weight, gain it back, and keep going through this yo-yo dieting cycle. When trying to lose weight, don’t be super strict on yourself or starve yourself. I know this can be hard, but it will backfire in the long run. If you deprive yourself, you will eventually give in. It’s not sustainable.

Change Your Lifestyle

The main thing to remember is HOW you lose the weight. If you do it by unhealthy means such as juice detoxes, fasts, crazy diets, etc, you’ll more than likely gain the weight back. You need to change your lifestyle so that it is healthy and more importantly, something that you are able to maintain forever.

You don’t want to slip back into old habits of eating badly and not doing any exercise. So if you know that you’re never going to live without chocolate – don’t! Just eat it in moderation. And if you know that you hate running and will dread working out if you need to run, don’t! Do another form of exercise instead. It needs to be a lifestyle that YOU can maintain, and this is different for everyone.

Don’t Expect Results Overnight

A lot of people will get disheartened if they don’t see results immediately and will then give up. Remember that it is going to take TIME. If it took you 6 months to gain the weight, it’s probably going to take you twice as long to lose it all. Remember, it is long term. Don’t expect to drop all of that weight in a matter of weeks. There’s nothing healthy about that.

Start Straight Away

As soon as you feel yourself slipping back to old habits, or can feel your clothes getting tighter, take action! It is much easier to lose a few kilos than it is to lose 10 kilos. Don’t let a little weight gain turn into a huge relapse. Make the change, before you make it harder for yourself.

Accept That It Will Be Hard Work

Yes it will be hard (especially at the start) and you may go backwards at times. It is going to take healthy eating, portion control, exercise, self control/discipline and CONSISTENCY. Accept that there is no magic pill or detox or quick fix, and that it is going to require a lifestyle change.


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