Not Gain Weight Over The Weekend


If you’re anything like me, weekends are usually when all the hard work comes undone. It can be really tempting to eat bad foods and be lazy when you’ve worked hard and eaten super healthy all week! I still struggle with this, but getting better! Here are some tips to help you not gain weight over the weekend.

1. Friday Night Drinks

OK I don’t have this problem as I stick to my two drinks maximum, but I know lots of you do. Try not to overdo it with the alcohol (easier said than done, I know!). But when you drink, you are more likely to eat bad foods and overeat. Plus any food eaten after you have been drinking will be stored directly as fat. Have a few drinks, but just try not to overdo it!

2. Dining Out

I LOVE going out for dinner / dessert on the weekends! Rather than deprive yourself of the good stuff, try sharing a large meal or a few small plates. Otherwise, just try to avoid anything deep-fried, or anything containing too much oil or cream.

3. Netflix Marathon

Sometimes you just want to lie down and binge watch your favourite TV show for 6 hours straight (been there, done that!). But there are so many other fun and active things that you can fill your weekends with. A walk with friends, hiking, swimming at the beach, playing sport, going for a bike ride, walking around the markets, etc. Try to do something active everyday – it doesn’t have to be the gym or a run!

4. Out For Sunday Brunch

Most people eat WAY too much at brunch! Don’t use brunch as an excuse to eat 2 meals in one. Have something small such as a piece of fruit in the morning before you go. This will help you keep your hunger levels down and you’ll be less likely to want to eat everything in sight.

5. Shopping

Shopping is actually a great active because you end up doing hours of walking, without really feeling like you’re doing exercise. Win win! The only downside are all of the cafes, bakeries and treats tempting you throughout the shopping centre. Rather than stop for snacks, carry some of your own healthy snacks in your bag! And if you do stop at a coffee shop, have a coffee or tea, but say no to the treats.


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