Common Workout Questions Answered


The world of exercise can get really confusing sometimes. I get asked a lot of common workout questions so thought I would put them all into one blog post for you! Here are my top 8 answers to your top 8 questions.

1. I’ve been eating well and exercising really hard and I have noticed results, but my legs seem to be bulking up rather than slimming down. What can I do to slim them down?

This is a question I get a lot, and is something I notice happening to my own body as well. Reducing muscle is hard and will take a long time, so keep this in mind. To reduce the size of your legs, focus more on power walking and steady state running on flat surfaces (no incline on treadmill).

It is still important to do some form of resistance training so I would focus on HIIT exercises using only your body weight such as burpees, jump lunges, etc. And make sure you are still doing other resistance exercises for your upper body and core too.

2. Do I need to have a rest day?

It depends on your type of training. If you train really hard with weights and HIIT, then yes you should have a rest day. If your training is lighter, then it may not be necessary for you to have a rest day. Personally, I listen to my body. I try to have an active recovery day and go for a power walk. But if my body is really sore, I’ll just rest and do nothing.

3. What are some good inner thigh workouts?

By targeting your inner thighs specifically you will build muscle here, but you won’t spot reduce the fat from here. This means they may end up looking bigger. If you want to get rid of inner thigh fat then you need to do cardio. Other exercises such as lunges, squats etc are great to help you tone up.

4. How often do you recommend doing cardio? How often do you do it?

Personally I do cardio around 3 times per week and my cardio consists of running and cycling. I also do power walking as much as I can. I would recommend doing cardio 3 times per week also.

5. If I need to lose weight, should I try to slim down first before doing weights to tone up?

No. Weights and cardio work really well together when trying to slim down. Weights will also help you slim down quicker believe it or not. So if trying to lose weight, I would combine both cardio and weights, starting with body weight exercises and HIIT.

6. What is the best type of strength training to get lean and toned, but without bulking up?

Stick to lighter weights / body weight and keep your reps high (within the 15-20 rep range). HIIT training is also great.

7. Does it matter what time you workout in the day?

You will get results from working out, regardless of what time of the day it is. The benefits of doing cardio first thing in the morning is that you will burn more fat.

8. How do you get that line down your stomach, and your obliques to show?

First of all, your abs won’t show if your stomach has too much body fat. So you need to reduce your body fat, which will be mostly due to your diet. Then focus on core exercises that target your rectus abdominis and your obliques. Other compound exercises such as squats and push ups will also use your core and can help you get a defined stomach.


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