Healthy Lifestyle Part I


I just wanted to take the time to put together this post for you because I get that sometimes it’s easy to feel lost with your health and fitness. You can fall off track, life can get in the way, things can get complicated, and even sometimes your genetics or whatever else can throw illness at you. I’ve been there.

Let me go back a little bit and tell you a bit about my journey. I’ve covered some on another post, but I feel like I only just brushed over the surface, and I want to share more with you.

“Just eat clean and exercise” – That’s the advice that I heard non-stop when I decided I wanted to start getting fitter and looking ‘better’, and all I could think to myself was, “Alright… but what happens when I fall off track”.

Which is something that used to happen to me over and over again.

I’d get super strict with my food (I thought what I was eating was healthy… now I’m not so sure haha), measure all the water I would drink, and make sure I was doing some kind of exercise (back then I tried to burn at least 1000 calories a day, which is insane to say the least, it was just me exercising but not really having any kind of training goal).

These habits would last 1-2 weeks maximum, and then slowly my old habits would start creeping back in: eating too little, binge eating and then feeling guilty, which would start to become weekly again.

My little, bad habits would all eventually find their place back in my schedule and I’d be back at square one. If you’re going through this right now, IT’S OKAY, it’s normal.

This was always so frustrating for me in the beginning. It felt like a never-ending cycle of being really good with my food and training, and then being a sloth and eating whatever, I just didn’t know how to find the balance!

It turns out that the habits I had set up when I was trying to be ‘good’ weren’t habits that actually suited my lifestyle. They were just random bits of advice I was picking up along the way and thought that I had to integrate to make my eating and training ‘perfect’.

But I really wasn’t all that interested in what I was doing back in 2012. Training and eating well for ‘health’ wasn’t something I thought about, because I didn’t realise that I actually had some underlying health issues!

Back then my main priority was looking a certain way, and it hadn’t even crossed my mind that that isn’t how you should set a goal.

So whenever I’d implement new habits, they’d fade away and not last forever. The biggest problem that I always had was food!

Bad foods always snuck their way back in. I was a stress eater or wouldn’t eat anything at all!
Stressful situation – greasy, salty food
Bad work day – sweet food
Fight with a boyfriend – any kind of comfort food

And then any kind of “bad food” left me feeling guilty. Probably all ending up in the toilet..

Food was literally becoming my enemy.
It was recognising this that made me realise that my thoughts about food and the way I was treating it as a frenemy rather than as a fuel was negatively affecting my health.

So the exercise that I want you to do today is this:
Take a few minutes to think about the one thing that’s always making you fall off track when it comes to your health and fitness. (Do you get too busy to train? Or maybe you are a stress eater like I was? Or the people you live with always just throw you off with their bad habits?)

In my next post I’m going to talk to you more about ways to avoid this negative mental trap when it comes to your fitness journey.


Love and light,



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