How to Start Your Fitness Journey

It seems so easy; you start eating healthier, train more and you’ll instantly change into your insta idole under which pictures you always comment ‘#goals’. Nonetheless your motivation is usually completely gone within 2 weeks. You end up at the sofa buried under a mountain of unhealthy snacks. The only “training” you’re still doing is bringing your hand filled with food to your mouth. Cause; ‘that counts as a bicep curl right?’ No, not really. So how do you manage to change your lifestyle? 

Concious choice

For me the change came when I was completely done with my bad health, bad condition of my body and the endless excuses I always came up with. I didn’t just want to become fitter and healthier, I was gonna make it happen! This is the most important part. Conciously make the dicision to start working for your goals and you’ll achieve them. The only one who’s holding you back are you yourself. Stop doing that and the first step is made.


Now it’s time to set some goals, I’m taking about realistic ones. You, maybe a complete gym newbie, won’t look like a fitness model after 2 months. The higher you set the bar, the harder and longer you’ll have to work for it. Realise this and get out of that 30-day squat challenge fantasy. In the end you shouldn’t be making exact goals. Go for more happiness, not less kilo’s.

Have fun

Find a way of training that you enjoy. For example, start with classes at your gym. If you have to drag your unmotivated ass to the gym day after day you won’t keep it up that long. Try something new! Do some research and try somehing of which you always thought it wouldn’t be something for you. Many let the fear of trying something new hold them back and end up at the treadmill. And damn, each time you get on that thing minutes seem to last hours and you just wish you’d stayed home.

Eat something tasty

Completely banning your favourite food isn’t gonna work, you know you’ll end up eating it anyway. Choose for example Friday to enjoy a pizza or some french fries. And make sure you truly enjoy it. Don’t indulge it like a hungry lion to feel guilty afterwards. Finding the right balance is difficult and also different for everyone. Try to eat mainly healthy and self cooked meals but don’t reject all cookies that you are offered.

Fall and get back up

I can tell you with a 100% certainty that you will still end up at the sofa with all those snacks. There will be moments that you ‘break’, feel like giving up and like you’re doing it all for nothing. Yes you’ll be making mistakes. It’s a process of falling and getting back up on your feet. Could these moments keep you from reaching your goals? Only if you let them. Stop the ‘I knew I couldn’t do this’ thoughts and get back on track. As long as you want this you can do it!

It’s up to you

Long story short; the secret to changing your life around -in any sort of way- and to reach your goals is you. No one else can do it for you so stop with the excuses and start working! You can buy some ‘miracle’ food and training schedule, hire worlds most famous celebrity trainer etc. But as long as you don’t go for it it won’t help you that much further. Don’t hate me for breaking it to you but truth is that anyone can lose weight if they really want to. Of course there are some exceptions (diseases etc). But no, you don’t have some sort of extra gene that makes you eat that entire chocolate bar. It’s a choice.

Of course there are some tips that will make it easier and I’d love to share them with you. But don’t forget; you decide if you’ll succeed!


Love and light,



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