Boost That Smoothie Bowl!

You probably know by now that I am constantly trying new supplements and remedies to enhance my mind and body. There are a lot out there

I am always curious and eager when it comes to trying new ones so when the Dr. Brandt team reached out to me about their Water Booster I was more than excited to incorporate it into my routine. This little bottle packs a serious punch. It’s a goji berry extract infused with the power house maqui berry. The combination of these two potent antioxidants helps fight the affects of free radicals and potentially help slow down the aging process. One dropper full is actually the equivalent of 15 cups of green tea. It aids in detoxing, which helps with clear skin and digestion. While I were super impressed with the benefits and easiness of the water booster, even I can sometimes get bored of just another thing to add to your glass of water. So when Dr. Brandt asked me to try it, I wanted to get a little creative with it and show you guys how you can switch up your recipes with these kind of supplements. Here’s the one way I have incorporated these magical drops into a recipe, allowing me to fuel my body and fight the effects of free radicals.



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