Working out plays a huge role in how happy we are and how active our whole day is. Focus on how fit, healthy and vibrant a workout makes you and don’t focus on losing weight. Also don’t force yourself too much. There are weeks where I don’t feel like working out at all and I accept that and enjoy it.

My favourite workouts are running, crossfit and yoga. For me it is most important to find something that I love. A workout that’s fun and  makes me forget about anything else thats going on.

To go for a run is so easy and refreshing. The fresh air is nourishing your body and clears your mind. I always feel so much better after a run and am glad that i did it. I usually run about 3-4 times per week for 45 minutes. I love to run in the morning as that makes my whole day more active and gives my metabolism a wake up call.

Lifting weight is a really big passion of mine as well and goes hand in hand with running. Without running I wouldn’t have the power to do an hour of crossfit class. I usually do 5 crossfit classes per week. If you haven’t tried it yet i highly recommend it!! It is so much fun, makes you stronger and releases a lot of stress.

Okay let’s talk about Yoga! I’m gonna go into detail in another post about it later. Yoga is one of the best workouts ever and is really made for everyone!!!!  Yoga really tones your whole body and is so much fun too!


  1. Do it because you love your body, not because you hate it.
  2. Focus on how fit and happy working out makes you rather than focusing on weight loss.
  3. Find out if you are a morning or night person and stick to that routine.
  4. Find a workout that you love!! Don’t be scared to try a lot of different workouts till you find the one that suits you.
  5. Workout whenever you feel like it and don’t stress about it too much.
  6. Find a workout buddy! Working out with a friend is much more fun than doing it alone. Motivate each other and get fit together.
  7. Eat as many fresh fruits as possible! The better you eat the easier it will become. Eating healthy is already doing half of the job. Working out will follow naturally as you will have so much more energy eating that way.
  8. You will never regret a workout! Remember that

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