Break a sweat anytime, anywhere with this no-equipment, total body, bodyweight workout.

That’s right, it’s back-to-basics fit friends. Exercise is no longer confined to treadmills, squat racks and dumbbells. In fact, if you are training at a gym, I bet you’ve noticed a lot more action in the functional strength training area.

It’s amazing what you can do with just your bodyweight — from plank and push-up variations to squat and lunge combinations that leave no excuses for skipping a workout whether you’re at home, the office, a hotel, or grandma and grandpa’s for the holiday’s.

Regardless of where you’re training, these five effective, no-equipment exercises need to be part of your workout routine.

In this challenging repetition-based, total body circuit you will burn calories, build explosive strength, raise your heart rate, and seriously break a sweat using your bodyweight.

The Workout: No-Equipment Total Body Traveling Workout

Perform each exercise for 10 repetitions, then take a 30 second break. Then perform each exercise for 9 repetitions, followed by a 30 second break. Then perform each exercise for 8 repetitions, 30 second break. Continue this format working your way down from 10 repetitions per exercise to 1 repetition per exercise; so you’ll repeat each exercise x 10 sets for a total of 55 repetitions per exercise.

  1. Walk Out to Plank
  2. 2-Pulse Lunge + Switch (10/9/8…reps per leg)
  3. Down Dog + Push Up
  4. Curtsy Lunge + Squat (10/9/8…reps per leg)
  5. Burpee + Plank Jack


30 second rest between sets.


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