1. Focus on making other people happy. We tend to always think about ways to become happier, but I think it is so much healthier to think about  MAKING OTHER PEOPLE HAPPY instead. Make a compliment to a stranger, smile at a stranger, help a friend, call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time, bring your mother flowers even if it’s not Mother’s Day.
  2. Don’t only focus on reaching your goals. Enjoy the ride! Everyone has different goals in life and thinks reaching them is what is going to make them happy. However, have you ever seen anyone that was happier once he/she achieved something they wanted for a long time? Maybe, but that feeling of success doesn’t last very long and after a few weeks or even days people have new goals and want even more. Very rarely that someone will say “great i got what i wanted, now that’s enough, i’m happy for the rest of my life”. Enjoy the journey and start being happy today, now, with whatever you’ve got.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others. Isn’t it almost impossible these days where our society constantly predicts us to compare ourselves to others to be satisfied with what we’ve got? Social media plays a huge role in this as it is a platform for non stop comparison. I love social media, however, I think it’s crucial to understand that it should be used to get inspired by others, to connect with other likeminded people and to discover new places, but NOT to constantly compare yourself to other people. You don’t know what they have been going through and what their background is. Be sure everyone has ups and downs and is not living that picture perfect Instagram life.
  4. Love yourself the way you are. Love yourself the way you are, love your body everyday unconditionally, treat your body and your mind well, take care of yourself and inspire other people to do the same, but never beat yourself up by comparing yourself to others. You are so much more than that and you deserve to be happy with who you are.


Love and light,

Caroline x


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